Sergio's Carpet Cleaning and House Cleaning, serving the carpet and home cleaning needs of Kirland, WA
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About Us
A combination of technology and training bring it all together for you.  Sergio has brought together the best that the carpet cleaning industry has to offer.  The RotoVac system, coupled with a very powerful Truck Mounted Power Steam Clean System.  Sergio will make sure that your expectations are met and your carpets are as clean as they can be.
The Latest Technology
The Rotovac system is designed to gently agitate and deep clean your carpets.  Providing you with clean carpets so that your home will be at its best.

Call today and enjoy the feeling you get when you arrive home from work and your house is sparkling clean.
Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction
Sergio's Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to making sure that your carpet cleaning and house cleaning services are everything you hoped for- from clear communication, to arriving on the job on the date and time agreed upon. Your home will love the care and dedication it receives from Sergio's friendly crew.  Our staff looks forward to taking care of your house cleaning and carpet cleaning needs over the long term. Once you have had your carpets and home cleaned by the Sergio's, no other service will do!
Kirkland, Wa Carpet Cleaning and Maid Services to Get Your Home Sparkling Clean - Bellevue, WA